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Distinctive Style

Maia Gröss is a published cartoonist, illustrator, and character designer for general publications, comic books, and animation. She has been specifically noted for the life she imbues into her work, bringing out a relatable humanity through facial expressions and body language.

Professional Background

Maia studied animation and illustration at Cal Arts, Santa Monica College, and the Animation Academy. She has worked as an intern for EnterAktion Studios doing character design and concept work, and currently teaches drawing and painting to children locally. Her work has been published in digital and traditional books and comic books, such as her self-published mini-series the Dolridge Sacrament. Maia also maintains an art blog for random musing and shameless self-promotion.


Miguel from Animal Lover A third-generation illustrator, Maia is pursuing her love of video games, cartoons, and animated movies. She is seeking a career with a production studio that matches her passion, vision, and creativity. Maia also takes freelance assignments, and is currently working on her own video game project with co-conspitior Wilson Taylor: Animal Lover.

Below is a video of Maia drawing the character Miguel for their Kickstarter page. Take a gander and watch her work! (It's ok to have the sound off... It's just a music soundtrack, no talking.)